Trailer Park Boys (2001) (Tv Show)

Trailer Park Boys (2001)

Trailer Park Boys (2001)
Three petty felons have a documentary made about their life in a trailer park.


Trailer Park Boys is about life between prison terms. Always trying to play the angles, always done-in by forces beyond their control, and always in the middle of a gunfight, Ricky and Julian are decent, hard- working guys trying to cope with the New World Economic Order. It's not that the boys don't know right from wrong, it's just that "right" rarely presents itself.


John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Mike Smith, John Dunsworth, Patrick Roach, The Trailer Park Boys, Tyrone Parsons, Sarah Dunsworth, Jeanna Harrison, Cory Bowles, Lucy Decoutere, Jonathan Torrens, Shelley Thompson, Barrie Dunn, Jacob Rolfe, Michael Jackson


Creator: Mike Clattenburg
Genres: Comedy, Crime
Certificate: TV-MA
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 20 April 2004 (USA)
Runtime: 30 min
Color: Color

Trailer Park Boys (2001)

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