Sairat (2016) (Movie)

Sairat (2016)

Sairat (2016)
In interior Maharashtra, a fisherman's son and a local politician's daughter fall in love against the restrictions of caste hierarchy.


Sairat is a love story, as advertised. Aarchi , a rich upper class girl falls for her classmate Parshya , a poor but smart boy from the lower social strata. The magic happens, and they start seeing each other. Secretly at first, but they get bolder with passing time. The problem is that Aarchi is not just from the upper class, her father is a powerful politician, and her brother Prince is following in on his footsteps. The entire affair is a recipe for trouble, and as expected, trouble arrives. With the help of Parshya's friends, Baalya and Salya, they decide to make a run for it, but fate has other plans.


Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar, Arbaz Shaikh, Tanaji Galgunde, Suresh Vishwakarma, Suraj Pawar, Anuja Mule, Bhushan Manjule, Chhaya Kadam, Rubina Inamdar, Nagraj Manjule, Shivam More, Mithunchandra Chaudhari, Geeta Chavan, Dhananjay Nanaware


Director: Nagraj Manjule
Genres: Drama, Romance
Certificate: Not Rated
Country: India
Language: Marathi
Release Date: 29 April 2016 (India)
Runtime: 174 min
Color: Color

Sairat (2016)

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